0c734c_98203faec8c1ff7191e199951232edc6_png_srz_443_497_75_22_0_50_1_20_0So what can you find in abeautybag? Well, look in yours: makeup, fragrance, skincare, cosmetics & even the odd bits of hair-care & fashion pieces.

abeautybag was born when its owner decided it needed an online space of its own. It’s for people who are equally obsessed or even just a little curious as to how amazing cosmetics can be!

We all know how products can be pricey, so, this is a space from someone who really has been there and tried it – rather than relying on the product description, which, let’s just say, can be self-promoting biased.

I love: restaurants & eating out, fancy dress, makeup, dancing, adventures, driving, travelling, writing, perfumes, long baths, experimenting, reading, decorating, cooking, laughing, living and ofcourse; my beauty bag! [I also love to see what’s in your beautybag too – so please don’t hesitate to share your sites, experiences & thoughts].

Follow me on Twitter for beautybag gossip: @abeautybag – www.twitter.com/abeautybag
For all beauty inquiries, PR contact or just genereal chat about all things in your beauty bag – please don’t hesitate to contact me on: abeautybag@gmail.com

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