Adele: Rumour has it, it’s a boy!

Today Adele had a baby! Rumour has it (scuse the pun), it’s a boy and this is lovely news. SO, she’s my BIOTW this week. [22/10/2012].

​She proves you don’t have to be a size zero to be stunning and that makeup can be minimal to get a maximum effect.

Her beautybag style focuses on flawless skin, nude lips and big lashes.

​Her hair is volumised, as big as her voice in fact, and she uses a touch of colour in the form of blush and a very nude eyeshadow.

So here’s what’s inside her beautybag:

Mac Nude Lipstick                       

Benefit smokin’ eyes: Mainly the lighter greys and nude shadows.

Dior lash plumping serum: for the base of huge lashes. It’s amazing stuff.

Thierry Mugler – Angel.


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