Gwen Stefani

I have seen Gwen Stefani pop up a few times recently. Not too much, but just enough to leave a lasting impression. The thing I like about Gwen Stefani the most is the fact that when you picture her as a beauty icon – you know what her ‘look’ is.

Red lips, pale face, lined eyes and bright blonde, sleek hair.




She can hardly put a foot wrong. Apart from being absolutely beautiful, her look is iconic. This is a success in my eyes!

I went on a mission to find her beauty range, thinking obviously she would have at least a lipstick out, but, to no avail! Nothing, nada! In deep disappointment I gave up my search but did find her perfume range which is adorable! She put her quirkiness into designing her Harajuku girls – have you seen or heard of them before? I was ashamed to only just find these but anyway, I ordered a couple off The London Perfume Company because my little sis would really love them (and I want to have a sniff!)


At £6.99 each how could I resist really?!

So I guess this was a little Shrine to gwen, a thank you, and a blog to say I NOTICE YOU and recognise you as a beauty, iconic, icon. If that’s even a sentence?



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