Taylor Swift looks her best ever [LIKE EVER]…

Swift rocks the red.

I know when stars have a new single, perfume or book out they have to ‘do the rounds’ and promote promote promote. Sometimes I watch them on the various shows and get the feeling they really would rather not be there and it makes for very awkward viewing. However this weekend, one girl was all over my TV promoting her new album; Red. It was Taylor Swift of course.

Although her songs take me a few (hundred) plays to liken to, [WEEEE ARE NEVER EVER EVERRRRR GETTING BACK TOGETHERRRRRR] – she comes across as a lovely, genuine, humble young girl. And if she isn’t then she’s a great actress.

Regardless of all this, she is my beauty icon of the week. She is effortlessly stunning and from her first successful singles ‘you belong with me’ and ‘love story’ she has definitely turned into a beautiful swan and found her own style and chic manner.


Taylor certainly suits her curls to the poker straight look and rocks the red lipstick. Her minimal approach makes for maximum impact and I LOVE IT – she looks the best ever [LIKE EVERRRRRR].

Her beauty-bag looks a little something like this:

A flawless, illuminating foundation. Giving perfect coverage and an effortless approach. Gorgeous.

Eyeliner: a simple line across the lid and a small flick creates a balance between the red lips and flawless foundation. 

Red lipstick is her staple item.
The most effective thing ever: Simple makeup & dramatic lips. mwah!

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