Last minute Halloween!

So you’ve just been invited to a Halloween party tonight and you didn’t expect it. The only thing you thought you’d be scaring tonight is your cat, or your reflection…


OKAY don’t panic! 

You own an old dress you were going to throw out anyway right? Cut it up with rough slits, add fake blood. Don’t worry if you have none! (This is probably normal not too) – Red food colouring? Lipstick? Ketchup? Okay so you might smell like a hotdog but so what – at least you LOOK good!?

Hair – Talcum powder. Everyone owns THAT! Powder into your parting to look dusty and eerie! Now, seriously back comb it all over! – the dragged through the hedge look. Yup!

Okay so clothes and hair done. Easy peasy. 

Now the make-up.

As long as you own eyeliner, you’re sorted. 

You can even go as far as applying as usual on the line of lids and simply smudging it in messy, crazy directions.

Lipstick? Only apply it in the middle of your lips – like a doll. 

Excess blusher in perfect circles for a spooky doll-like effect.

Remember, you’re not making yourself up for David Beckham – so be as WHITE as possible.

Have a look at these examples – and Happy Halloween!